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Forgetting Foucault

In Taoism, being unlearned is a good thing. No, it doesn’t mean you should be an idiot. You should learn: read the classics, cultivate your intellect. Then you should forget everything you learned and return to being an idiot. But a different kind of idiot. 

When I graduated high school I didn’t want to go to college. My reasoning, if we can call it that, was that I already knew everything and that college professors had nothing to teach me. What an idiot.

I can see now that my resistance to learning anything new was my ego being incapable of admitting its own ignorance. It took humility to shut up and listen and learn. I gained a lot, no doubt.

But sometime after I graduated, it became apparent that I couldn’t think for myself. I had no faith in my own voice- I didn’t even think it existed. If we were talking about something I would tell you what Nietzsche or Foucault had to say about it.

Now I’m trying to say what Ben has to say. I need to forget Foucault (and all the other scholars, I’m only using Foucault because ‘Forget Foucault’ has a nice ring to it). At the same time I’ll never completely forget what I learned and I won’t revert back to the kind of idiot who doesn’t want to learn more about something from somebody else.  

Why be unlearned? Nature’s unlearned and it’s genius. But then there’s lemmings.