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Voices From the 2016 National Harm Reduction Conference

Last November I went to the 11th National Harm Reduction Conference in San Diego, CA. While there, I interviewed folks asking: Why is harm reduction important to you? How does harm reduction relate to social justice? What do people need to know?

The result is this video, a collage of the different shapes harm reduction can take including:

  • the need to decriminalize drug use, as the drug war is a national disaster
  • the principle of Housing First, which means putting a roof over a person’s head no matter what
  • the practice of harm reduction therapy, which is person-centered and does not do people further harm through shame, stigma, or coercion
  • a critique of the treatment industry, which charges people tens of thousands of dollars while not providing them the basic tools to prevent fatal opioid overdoses

Hope you enjoy… Join us!

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