It’s a Blog Birthday! (PART 3/3)

[Last one! Three of my favorite people…]


Kevin Gallagher

 I am breathless and sweating; I decide to take a smoke break and lament my booze diluted blood

"I'll let you stew in silence"

“I’ll let you stew in silence”

[What are you?]

I am still debating whether I am the light or the light bulb.

The Light: Let the roots of the future grow in the cracks of the past, I am an ever unfolding re-presentation of an unknowable universe to itself.

The Lightbulb: I am the tunnel through which an endless ribbon of deoxynucleotides replicates.

To solve this riddle, I study biochemistry.


I was jumping for gopher padfoot’s hand, reaching down from the space between a concrete pillar and the abandoned bridge it supported, somewhere in the fringe near 18th street. Ten – fifteen attempts later, I am breathless and sweating. I decide to take a smoke break and lament my booze diluted blood, and tell padfoot to go ahead without me – to tell me what he sees. [And this is what I saw: a massive train yard, the metal tracks of a hundred different lines crawling over each other like blind rattle snakes in a pit; an Amtrak guard, walking alone, the gravel crunching beneath his feet]

[Favorite post?]

That one paragraph that goes “the earth turned its back on the sun like it was never going to look back…ants’ shadows lengthened in the sun…” That shit is pure gold.
[from the first post! glad it’s been downhill ever since]

(one hour later)

can you remove the to solve this riddle part? I no longer like it. self definitions suck.

[but i might like it]

haha do as you wish

[Kevin, I am also the universe trying to learn itself. That makes us one. Not to appropriate your experience; maybe we are irrevocably two, a vast gulf of nothingness between us. To friendship!]


Julia Napolitano

Asshole. Mean-spiritedness, absent-mindedness, cold-heartedness.

At the Leather Archives of Chicago

“We’re hetero-normative, we swear!”


[What is something you hate?]

Biking north on Clark the last time I was going to see you, somebody almost doored me. “Almost” meaning I dodged it with enough time and space, but this clueless person was paying NO attention to what was going on around him. When I passed him and said WATCH OUT, he just laughed. [For my readers: getting “doored” is what happens when someone opens their door to get out of their car and a cyclist runs into the open door. Sometimes it is fatal]

Why are people shits, Ben? [idk] Thank you for not being a shit. [np] I hate shitty people…when people are shitty…if someone is shitty more of the time than they aren’t, can I just call them A Shitty Person? [yes] I’d like to give people the benefit of the doubt that doing shitty things doesn’t make them overall shitty, but: that person who opened his fucking door on me. That’s 100% of the time I will have ever interacted with him. And he was 110% shitty to me in that interaction.Therefore in my world he is a shitty person. Asshole. Mean-spiritedness, absent-mindedness, cold-heartedness. I hate realizing that there really are people everywhere who could open their car door and come so close to seriously harming another human’s life, and just laugh about it.

Thank you for reading that and inviting us to talk about things we hate. I feel better…venting can be quite healing.

[Way to get it out. The good kind of hate]

Dooring is just one example of prime shittiness in humans. Any time someone makes a point of having no regard for you – your body, emotions, thoughts – that’s shitty, and I hate it. Which leads me to your next question…

[what do you love?]

…I love having people in my life, like you Ben, who do the opposite, who want to honor all of these parts of ourselves and process things and seek Feeling Good. [ ( : ]

[A topic you’d like to see covered on UD?]

Mu! Audio stuff. Been saying it in person a lot…the formats I’m excited to see you continue working with are your recording pieces such as Cookies and Carnitas. Writing pieces can do this too, tell multiple stories/contain multiple levels of interpretation; with audio I do love how there are so many things going on when you overlay sounds with dialogue and see how they come together as music, stories. Keep getting Joe Franky on us, it’s good. [OK, it’s in the works]

As far as topics, I have a few ideas…maybe some of them are things I want to write about myself…the main ones that are coming to mind seem relate back to a central theme of our bodies and how they interact with our environments…I was going to suggest Napping, the experiences of body modification specifically what it was like when you got your tattoo (is there a post about this I’ve missed?), sex, food, and how any of these things produce both physiological and social responses in you and others. Hmm. I’d like to hash out topic ideas more later. I think we can say we do that all the time when we’re together, hash out ideas.
[We do hash things out. It is a never-ending process, and that’s OK. The psycho-physiological effects of activities like napping, pastries and sex? Is experience reducible to chemicals, or is it much, much more? The spot on the horizon where the individual and social body converge? Big ideas. I might need a guest blogger…]

[A queery for me?]

I just read your bike post from last year. Do you still think about your bike as a reflection of your spiritual health?

[Yes. And the level of uncleaned dishes accumulating in my sink. Last weekend a friend tuned-up my bike for free. Now it rides great. So I guess friendship is a big part of spiritual growth. And lube]



Thanks for introducing me to inter-human sex, asshole

Creature of Divine Love AKA Natural Born Killer

Creature of Divine Love AKA Natural Born Killer

[Do you have a ritual for reading the blog?]
Kind of. I watch Ben sitting in his apartment alone uploading what he just posted and reading it over and over again, imagining hundreds of people doing the same thing. The ego.

[How about a story involving you and the author?]
Once he got done blowing his nose into his own hand because he’s disgusting and too lazy to grab a kleenax, and after he sat around too afraid to do anything with the pretense that he was being contemplative, he got around to feeding me a treat.

[Do you have a favorite blogpost?]
Habit of Creature. For two reasons. It’s an accurate portrayal of the slavishness of dogs. And it’s the shortest of all 100.

[Pet peeves?]
I don’t appreciate the phrasing of that question.

[Err, anything that bothers you idiosyncratically?]
No I assume you perturb many people.

[What’s something you’d like to see covered in Underspecialized?]
[It’s in the works…]

[Anything you’d like to thank me for?]
Yeah, for introducing me to inter-human sex at the ripe-old age of 12. That was definitely NOT on my bucket list, asshole.

[Something you love?]

[Something you hate?]

[Final words?]
Is this self-indulgent “blog birthday” finally over?

[Yes. Thank you everyone!]

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