They Buried their Pharaohs in the Food Pyramid

I went into the Whole Foods to find some produce that hadn’t been treated with pesticides. I can’t stand the thought of my vegetables being sprayed with a synthetic chemical. I imagine a giant tractor driving along a massive, corporate farm field, spraying from a huge hose with a sprinkler-like attachment on it a steady stream of clear-yellow liquid. Poison.

The guy operating the hose making sure to get every single plant- tomatoes, broccoli, bell peppers, etcetera, he douses the whole plant: the stems, the leaves, the fruit, he drenches them with the yellow liquid to make sure the roots are soaked with pesticide. He makes sure to get every plant so that not a single one runs the risk of being attacked by bugs and thus, be unavailable for sale.

His orders are to douse the vegetables in so much poison that bugs cannot have a bite. The only ones to have a bite are people, people at supermarkets buying vegetables for their kids because they want their family to be healthy. But they’re not. The food is straight out of Rachel Carlson’s worst nightmare, and the kids of these well-wishing parents develop nausea, ADHD, anxiety disorders, anemia, depression, autism, cerebral palsy, early onset diabetes, early early onset Alzheimer’s, mood swings, debilitating indigestion, cirrhosis, itchy skin, cancer and stunted growth.

These kids are the most well-fed children on the planet. By all external appearances they’re healthy. But on the inside they’re rotten, as rotten as a tree being eaten from the inside by termites. Inside are chemicals that aren’t even meant to be consumed by insects, let alone a growing human being.

When the kids are tucked in at night, after taking their mood stabilizers, after their nightly diarrhea (an occurrence so regular no one thinks it as odd, anymore- just as the weekly headaches, vomiting and emotional pain- all of it normal, now) once they’re tucked in and fast asleep, then, and only then, a giant truck begins to prowl around the neighborhood.

On the top is man spraying from a massive hose chemicals meant to kill mosquitos and their nests, so that families can enjoy a nice time around their brick patio eating fresh vegetables and steak without being molested by the bloodsuckers. The guy handling the hose is instructed to get every single home; not a single property is to be left open to the propagation of mosquitos. The yellowish liquid falls like a cloud on each house, covering their children, their eyes, their necks, and their little faces.

While they dream I am buying organic vegetables at Whole Foods. And that’s only the vegetables. I’ll let you use your imagination for the meat.

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