None Be (In)significant

Es gibt Bemerkungen, die säen, und Bemerkungen, die ernten. 

“There are remarks that sow and remarks that reap.”

                         – Ludwig Wittgenstein

[I read through my journal from last summer. More scattered and superficial than my Autumn journal, but also festive and sometimes pithy. Call them aphorisms, co-opted, or puppies needing a home.]

The void is something you try to avoid.

Who walks into the Unknown like they know the place?

I am my experiences- and my experiences are open to interpretation- sometimes they’re nothing but interpretation.

It seems few people know themselves. When you meet someone who does it’s shocking; they’re larger-than-life. No, they’re just alive.

In the right situation, silence can mean more than anything.

Most people assume what comes out of their mouth is more beautiful, true, and necessary than what comes out of their ass.

To be perfectly honest: I’m a liar.

Rather than find a better solution, find a better problem.

I have had an authentic experience- or at least I realized how my experience was inauthentic.

Taken for a fool you can only become wise- taken for wise you can only become a fool.

You and I do the same thing a different way, or a different thing the same way.

You don’t need me to tell you what is good and what is bad- that’s an inner knowledge that you return to after listening to me, if you ever left it behind in the first place.

Why speak or write? To listen and read better.

No single neuron in the brain is the prophet, leader, or spokesman- so why expect one in society? Our goal in communication should be to be an intermediary or go-between.

There’s an abyss between thought and what is most near.

Good writers force us to stop reading and live.

The attempt to reconcile and make congruent the many “truths” within yourself is fruitless- but the spirit of the endeavor is an apple.

Setting conditions upon yourself (even supposedly positive or good ones) is like drawing the lines before knowing what you’re going to paint.

Dog: Man’s best enabler.

How can we be less nervous around each other?

Guilt: as if the only way to know what shit is is to rub your face in it.

Isolation is medicine or poison, depending on the dose.

The ineffable: the great equalizer: for who can say what cannot be said better than anyone else?

The absence of anxiety: When a task demands maximum attention, say, riding a bike through a three-way intersection after the light turns red, there’s no surplus of attention that needs to be diverted into observing the shape of a cloud, one’s own existential lot, a dog sitting in a window with a cone around its neck, the smell of burnt butter, or a memory from third grade (although, that’s not to say that one or more of these won’t slip into consciousness, thus coloring the experience beautifully/absurdly).

Don’t prove anything.

We need to accept our emotions. They give us the truth- immediately- about ourselves and the situation. To put them off or handle them abstractly is to tell the Truth ‘Not right now- not like that’.

The veil was lifted- and nothing’s there!

The universe was dreamt by a dreamer who woke up and forgot all about us until someone said something at lunch and they said O yea!

Did the poet create the poem or did the poem create the poet? Both. Neither.

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